Fair Stop Out

Fair Stop Out Definition

Fair Stop Out is an approach used by cTrader to close positions when your account reaches Stop Out Level. This approach has been called Fair Stop Out as it’s considered by Spotware to be fairer than other trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4. Other platforms will close the position which is losing the most money. Whereas cTrader Fair Stop Out will close the position which uses the most margin. cTrader also offers a Smart Stop Out logic which is considered to be smarter than Fair Stop Out. Both Stop Out types offered by cTrader are miles ahead of how other trading platforms close positions.

Stop Out type is a configuration that is managed by your broker. You should check which type is being used for your account. You can actually check this for yourself inside your cTrader account. In the footer section, below the Tradewatch area, there is a row of information showing information. In this row are details about Balance, Exposure, Margin Level and Stop Out Level. This is where you will see which Stop Out method your account is using. 

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