Top 5 Best cTrader Brokers for 2020

This Year’s Best cTrader Brokers

This Year’s Best cTrader Brokers will not come as much of a surprise to most experienced forex traders. Not only are these suggested companies the best cTrader brokers, but they are outstanding brokers in general. All of these brokers excel in multiple areas. The areas we consider to be of vital importance are the range of trading products and tools, trading platforms, customer support, reliability, reputation, regulation and overall convenience. 

  1. Pepperstone
  2. Tradeview Forex
  3. IC Markets
  4. RoboForex
  5. OctaFX


Pepperstone is one of the early adopters of the cTrader platform having launched it in 2013. In general, Pepperstone as a company is receptive to new products and solutions that they can offer to improve the experience of their clients, and we see this as a significant area which separates Pepperstone from therest of the pack. Premium client support is definately one of the areas that other brokers strugle to compete with. Read our in-depth review of Pepperstone to see how they compare against the other companies which are nomibnated as best cTrader brokers.

Tradeview Forex

Tradeview Markets joined the cTrader club in 2015. Unlike most of the Forex and CFD brokers out there, Tradeview Markets adopt a personal approach to managing relationships with their clients, as opposed to throwing them into a marketing automation machine. This one-on-one personal approach adds to the value and experience when trading Forex and CFDs with Tradeview. Tradeview offers an a la carte menu of trading platforms to different types of clients. You can trade with cTrader, MT4, MT5 and Currenex. All platforms provide incredibly tight spreads and competitive commissions. To learn more, we recommend reading our complete review of Tradeview Markets.

IC Markets

IC Markets has been around since 2007. Today, the company is firmly placed at the top of the leaderboard of global forex brokers and has been for years. In March 2019 IC Markets trading volumes were a staggering $646 billion. All of the major forex trading pairs are available on all platforms. Trading commissions are low, margin stop out level is reasonable and spreads are very tight. IC Markets offers three trading platforms in total, which are cTrader, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Check our review to learn more about IC Markets. 


RoboForex is a popular online forex and CFD trading broker that has been operating since 2009. RoboForex is part of a group of companies called RFG Holding. Within the group, there are other similarly named brokers which operate in specific markets and under different regulatory jurisdictions. RoboForex is the Belizean regulated brand. This company is the only member of the group to offer cTrader. For example, RoboMarkets, the European broker regulated by CySEC doesn’t provide the cTrader platform. Before opening an account with RoboForex, you should check out the review of this broker.


OctaFX is a well-known forex brokerage which has been operating since 2011. This 8-year-old company has earned a solid reputation. Even though OctaFX is an offshore broker incorporated in St. Vincent and Grenadines, their ability to sustain the business for so many years is a testament to how well they operate. The advantage of OctaFX’s jurisdiction choice is that they can offer benefits which a lot of other brokers in Europe and Australia cannot. The company first added cTrader in October 2014. Unlike a lot of different brokers, OctaFX cTrader is promoted very well on the website. Disover why we rank OctaFX as one of the best cTrader brokers by reading the full review published on our website.

Other Reliable cTrader Brokers

Currently, 40 brokers are offering the cTrader platform. These five highlighted above are just a small selection of our favourites. Check our complete list of cTrader brokers to explore brokers in more detail.

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