We’ve Reached 100 cTrader Articles

100 Insightful cTrader Articles Published

Since launching this website on the 23rd of September 2018, we’re celebrating our 100th article. We’ve come a very long way since our very first article. One hundred posts may not seem a lot in comparison to some other forex trading websites. Our focus isn’t quantity, it’s quality. This website doesn’t churn out market commentary which is the same everywhere. We dedicate our content to a trading platform that helps forex traders to be their very best. Our content is aligned with this and we aim to equip traders with insights from the cTrader community. Without further ado, we’re going to celebrate this small victory by reflecting back on our most read articles so far.

Most Popular cTrader Articles

Here is a digest of the top five most popular cTrader articles on bestctraderbrokers.com.

cTrader Vs. MetaTrader 5 for Manual Trading

The most popular article on our site puts cTrader side-by-side with MetaQuotes own attempt to dethrone MetaTrader 4. We take a look at the two platforms from the perspective of a manual trader.

cTrader Desktop Installation for Mac

As Apple Macs continue to grow in popularity for general purpose use, there has been a surge in demand for cTrader to be available to Mac users. The fact that this article is so popular proves the point.

A Guide to cTrader Copy for Investors

We took a close look at Spotware’s new Copy Trading platform for cTrader users. In this guide, we weighed up the problems of the PAMM model and how they are solved by cTrader Copy. The guide also helps new users to get acquainted with the platform before getting started.

Guide to cTrader Renko Charts

In this post, we deep dive into the much anticipated Renko charts that were added to cTrader in November 2018. This guide explains what Renko Charts are, how to use them and how to work with them in cTrader.

A Guide to cTrader Copy for Strategy Providers

As well as looking at cTrader Copy from the investors perspective, we also took a look at is from the Strategy Providers viewpoint. We look specifically at how cTrader Copy can help providers to acquire more followers through a variety for well thought out features.

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