CTrader Mobile có tương thích với điện thoại Windows không

cTrader for Windows Phones

cTrader từ lâu đã có phiên bản di động của nền tảng giao dịch phổ biến dành cho các thiết bị Android và iOS, nhưng liệu cTrader Mobile có tương thích với Windows Phone không?

The adoption of Windows Phones never became significant enough for developers to may much attention to developing native applications. For any niche business, the number of users would be too small to justify it. 

In 2013, at the time when Spotware first released their mobile applications, Windows Phone had just 10.2% of the market share in Europe according to Kantar. This was the peak of adoption for the OS and the number of users began falling from there. 

Today, there are still many Windows Phone devices in circulation and available on second-hand markets around the world. Despite Windows Phones being discontinued in 2019, the Nokia Lumia device remains on sale and has the Windows Phone OS pre-installed. Therefore there are still active users today. 

Unfortunately, the cTrader web application does not work on mobile web browsers. Without a native mobile application for Windows Phones, there is simply no way to use the cTrader platform on Windows Mobiles and there never will be. 

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