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31FX is an unregulated Forex broker that offers the cTrader platform. The company persistently reiterates on its website that the firm is based in the UK, more specifically, at Canary Wharf. It looks like the company hides behind this claim when the company doesn’t offer any details about where the business incorporated or what the company’s legal name is. 

Chọn một nhà môi giới ngoại hối cTrader đã được xác minh!

31FX vẫn chưa được xác minh. Chúng tôi khuyên bạn nên kiểm tra các Nhà môi giới cTrader đã được xác minh này

The 31FX website is very well made and offers a lot of helpful information. There are many legal texts on the website, such as AML Policy, KYC Policy, Terms and Conditions. Yet, it’s hard to say who these contracts are with as the counterparty is simple a brand name that is not associated with any corporate entity or person. 

Về 31FX

Không có nhiều thông tin có ý nghĩa về nhà môi giới ngoại hối này. Mặc dù công ty thực sự cung cấp nền tảng cTrader, nhưng chúng tôi không biết nhiều điều khác. 

31FX offers several trading accounts, where leverage up to 1:1000 is offered. The highest leverage account, known as the Diamond account, is only available with a €150,000 deposit, which is a strange requirement considering most brokers offer lower leverage to accounts with higher balances due to the higher risk they present. 

Depending on your account size, the company offers different advantages, such as Financial Portfolio Structuring, Zero management fees, VIP Services and other features. These benefits are features we haven’t seen advertised at other brokers, and it’s not clear what they are. 

31FX có phải là trò lừa đảo không

Cơ quan quản lý tài chính (FCA) có đưa ra cảnh báo chống lại 31FX to inform investors that they are not authorised to offer financial services or products in the UK. The FCA states in the warning that some firms act without authorisation and some knowingly run investment scams. While the regulator did not conclude if the company is running a scam or not, they did state that based on the information they hold; they believe 31FX is carrying on regulated activities which require authorisation.

Other Forex Broker scam websites have singled out 31FX due to several red flags and trader complaints. 

Kết luận đánh giá 31FX

The company does appear to be active and regularly posting on its social media profiles. Compared to other brokers, it’s not clear the advantages of 31FX, especially considering the risk of trading with an unregulated broker.

In general, we don’t condemn all unregulated brokers as scammers. Regulation is complex, expensive and prohibitive to brokers. However, it’s tough to tell the difference, and unregulated companies are always at risk of losing bank accounts, payment methods or being shut down completely. If you choose to open an account with 31FX, we recommend caution, and we don’t encourage using this broker. 

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