TradeVest cTrader Review

TradeVest Broker Review

Unfortunately, since reviewing TradeVest, the company has ceased its operations. Check out other cTrader Brokers here.

TradeVest is a recently launched broker which offers cTrader as it’s sole platform. This new brokers offering is tailored around giving traders what they need. The company provides a lot of benefits to its clients, which we will explore in this review. One key differentiator of TradeVest is the huge range of cryptocurrency pairs offered on cTrader, which has been explored in another article called Where can you trade cryptocurrencies on cTrader.

TradeVest is a hybrid of the words trade and invest. The broker also offers managed accounts for individuals who are interested in investing rather than trading their own account. The company also provides This new broker is unregulated which allows them to offer extra services that unregulated brokers simply would not be able to do. This looks to be a strategic move as regulation slowly suffocates what services brokers can offer. At this time, TradeVest is offering a number of incentives to help acquire new clients in this competitive market.

TradeVest is featured our site for the following reasons:

  1. High leverage up to 1:1000. Since ESMA introduced new rules to cut leverage which affects the whole of Europe, a broker being able to offer such high leverage will be a welcome feature to many traders.
  2. $100 no-deposit bonus. Promotions like this have pretty much been outlawed by all regulators. The purpose of this bonus is to let traders test live conditions with real money.
  3. Exclusive services for traders. For registered users, TradeVest offers live trading rooms, signals and analysis from their in-house trading team, webinars and a traders toolkit.
  4. Managed accounts. For individuals who do not have the time to trade themselves, TradeVest offer managed accounts.

About the Company

As mentioned, TradeVest is a new company that has just launched with a number of exciting offers. cTrader is their only platform which helps them to stand out to us. The broker commits to providing excellent educational services to all users. They are clearly focused on achieving long-term relationships with their traders.

Year Established2018
Year Started Offering cTrader2018
RegulationUnregulated / Pending
HeadquartersMarshall Islands
Number of Employees20+

Trading Conditions

TradeVest is a non-dealing desk broker that embraces the cTrader platform. Moreover, they offer a wide range of symbols, competitive spreads and fees, leverage up to 1:1000.

Maximum Leverage1:1000
Asset ClassesForex, Metals, Indices and Cryptos
Total Number of Trading Pairs138
Trading CommissionsNo Commission
Minimum Deposit$100
SpreadsFrom 0.4
Stop Out Level30%


As a just-launched company, TradeVest has not yet had the time to curate a long list of deposit methods. While other brokers offer a dozen or more regional e-wallet deposit methods, TradeVest has the fundamental and globally accepted deposit methods available.

Countries ExcludedUSA, Belguim, Sanctioned Counties
Deposit OptionsWire Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin
Deposit CurrenciesUSD, EUR, GBP, JPY, BTC
Withdrawal FeesFree
Social Trading (cTrader Copy)Yes! + Managed Accounts

Trading Instruments

With 138 trading pairs, TradeVest definitely has one of the widest range of trading pairs on the cTrader platform. A lot of brokers tend to focus their offering towards MT4 and MT5, since TradeVest is a cTrader first broker, their full range of instruments is available on cTrader.


The days of exciting forex trading bonuses and promotions have started to fade. This is because regulators believe that forex promotions lure investors into trading when they otherwise would not have been interested. We have a different opinion. We believe that promotional offers are a competitive advantage that businesses in all sectors use. However, thanks to TradeVest and their unique approach, they are able to offer a variety of helpful bonuses and promotions.

No Deposit Bonus

Getting a forex bonus used to be a common thing. Finding a broker that offers them and doesn’t raise your suspicions is tough. TradeVest is being incredibly aggressive by offering a variety of promotions and services at a loss to get traction in the market and build a good name. When you sign up with TradeVest you can get a no-deposit bonus of $100. The only condition tied to this is that you must trade 15 Lots to be able to withdraw some or all of the bonus. The idea is to allow traders to try their services without their own financial commitment.

Balance Boost

Another unique offer available is the Balance Boost option. This is additional balance credited to your account. The balance is tradeable and leverage is applied to it. This lets you increase your buying power but reduces your risk. The reason it reduces your risk is that 50% of your losses are deducted from this bonus until the full amount is depleted. Here is the example from the TradeVest site.

A trader deposits $3,000 and is given a boost of $1,000 the total tradable balance now is $4,000.

The trader loses $1,000 of the $4,000 total balance. The trader will be able to withdraw $2,500.

While the trader has a boost, and until he does not lose all of it, for every dollar lost, 50 cents are taken from the boost.

Managed Accounts

The trading education specialists at TradeVest who create the courses, webinars and signals also offer managed accounts. This means you are able to benefit from the expertise and services of TradeVest without investing your time to watching the markets day-in, day-out. The only disadvantage of this investment model is you miss the educational element of trading as all of the trading will happen on your account without your direction. You get to share your financial goals and risk tolerance and all the rest happens in the background.

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