Yeni Forex Broker Listeleri

Introducing New Forex Broker Listing Categories

This website, as you may have guessed, started out as a humble cTrader blog. The target audience is forex traders who are interested in learning more about the platform for already actively trade on it. However, it seems that the content we been publishing has become valued by forex traders who are active on other platforms too. Naturally, we will stay true to our core principles, which is that we, as the authors of this site truly believe cTrader is a better platform for most traders. However, we do accept everyone has different circumstances and needs. We love the fact that our work is appreciated. Therefore, we are taking a few steps to make more inclusionary. 

Working with all Forex Brokers

You might be wondering what we mean when we say becoming more inclusionary. What we mean is that we are willing to cooperate with any forex broker, regardless of their platform offering. Our first step towards this has been to introduce two new forex broker listing categories on the website. 

These forex broker listings are very new additions and as time goes on, you can expect more brokers to be listed, more reviews and more categories.

Keeping the cTrader Concept

Don’t worry, this site will continue to keep the cTrader concept. You will continue to see undertones of our cTrader bias in our content. We still want to promote the cTrader platform and introduce the platform to more traders and see more brokers offer it. We hope to see our cTrader brokerlerinin tam listesi grow exponentially over the coming years as new brokers add the platform.

Forex Broker Listings

Are you a forex broker? We offer a forex broker listings service where your broker can be listed among other leaders in the industry. We also offer banners, executive interviews and premium unbiased reviews. Download our media kit or contact us to learn more about how we can help you. 

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