Scandinavian Capital Markets Launch Currenex

Scandinavian Capital Markets launches Currenex Platform for Institutional Traders

Scandinavian Capital Markets launched the cTrader platform towards the end of 2019. On the 5th of February 2020, the Stockholm based forex broker has announced a new service for institutional forex trader powered by the award-winning Currenex platform.

Scandinavian Capital Markets have entered into a new partnership with Currenex, which a currency trading platform owned by State Street Bank. The technology provider offers solutions for the institutional FX trading community which requires high-performance technology and deep pools of liquidity for anonymous and disclosed trade execution. The collaboration combines Scandinavian Capital Markets’ and Currenex’s technological, operational and reporting solutions to launch a new foreign exchange trading service for Institutional Traders.

Commenting on the news, Michael Buchbinder, Managing Partner of Scandinavian Capital Markets notes; “Our new service caters primarily to institutional clients, including leveraged funds and hedge funds. This service aligns perfectly with our core clients at Scandinavian Capital Markets, which made it a natural fit. As our motto states, ‘Everything we do is for the trader.’ Currenex’s execution speed, comprehensive order management functionality, and deep liquidity help our clients maximize their opportunities in the Foreign Exchange markets. I especially like its ability to deliver a fast, low-cost solution that provides secure electronic access to the FX markets that helps to reduce risk”.

David Newns, Global Head of GlobalLink Execution Services also commented; “We are delighted to be working with Scandinavian Capital Markets, providing them with our high-performance technology to serve their institutional client base. Our private-label solution provides sophisticated access to the FX and precious metals markets, as well as the ability to operate a trading venue without the need for expensive hardware investment, and can be deployed quickly,” 

To conclude the announcement Michael Buchbdiner summarised “Kick your trading into high gear and join the rest of the professional traders. Whether you prefer the old school look or the sleek new GUI that includes charting, you will not be disappointed with our new service powered by Currenex. We are excited to build a custom liquidity solution through the platform like an anonymous central counterparty service – FXtradesTM”.

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