cTrader QuickTrade Definition

QuickTrade is a feature of cTrader which allows you to quickly perform trading operations with certain preferences applied. There are many controls in cTrader which let you create and cancel orders, modify and close positions, apply, modify and delete Take Profits and Stop Losses and more. In the settings of cTrader there is a section for the QuickTrade settings. This is where you can change the settings of this feature. Firstly, you can decide if cTrader QuickTrade should work with a single click, a double click or if it should be disabled altogether. Since this feature lets you trade with a single or double-click action, you can apply default properties to your orders. These are Take Profit and Stop Loss levels and they can be set individually for Market, Stop and Limit Orders. If you are a new user, you will learn about this feature from the moment you first sign in as the platform will ask if you want QuickTrade enabled or not. You will also need to acknowledge that all actions performed with this feature are final and cannot be reversed or disputed.

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