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Введение в Аксиорию

Аксиория - это регулируемый брокер Forex и CFD, который работает с 2011 года. Вы можете задаться вопросом, что именно отличает их от остальных. В этом обзоре мы внимательно рассмотрим, что приносит им место на нашем сайте. В первую очередь, нас интересует платформа Axiory cTrader.

As with the rest of the reviews we have carried out, we will be looking at more than just spreads and commissions. We consider the company’s background, history, milestones, philanthropic contributions, which is certainly not common in the FX industry. We also explore key differentiators between Axiory and other forex brokers. 

Axiory не принимает клиентов из ЕС

First and foremost, Axiory is a Belizean regulated forex broker, and the company strictly do not accept clients from the European Union. We tried very hard to open an account but to no avail. Because of this, we have not been able to do any live trading or testing on deposits and withdrawals.

Аксиори торговый баннерПлюсы и минусы Axiory

Axiory рекомендуется, потому что мы видим, что образ, который они выражают не только на своем веб-сайте, но и лично, является подлинным и правдивым. Мы делаем этот вывод из нашего взаимодействия с их участием на выставках, личных встреч, практикой службы поддержки клиентов, каналов социальных сетей, их продуктов и функций. Вот то, что мы больше всего ценили при торговле с Axiory Global. Несмотря на это в основном положительное мнение, не все идеально. Отметьте следующие плюсы и минусы. 

Преимущества торговли с Axiory

  1. Платформа Axiory cTrader.
  2. Вы можете торговать с кредитным плечом до 1: 500. 
  3. Компания имеет опыт предоставления высококачественных услуг без жалоб.
  4. A low initial deposit of just $100. This is great for traders trying a new broker. It can be concerning when the minimum deposit is $500, $1000 or more. 
  5. They pay Dividends on Indices CFDs. Not many brokers do this, so it’s a great unique selling point. 
  6. Free indicators to help traders. There are only on MetaTrader 4, unfortunately. 

Недостатки торговли с помощью Axiory

  1. Ограниченные языки поддержки. Веб-сайт доступен только на двух языках. 
  2. Сайт выглядит старым и устаревшим. Обновления, полученные по электронной почте, не отображаются на веб-сайте.
  3. Missing some trading pairs with some possible trading opportunities, such as USD/HKD and EUR/HKD crosses. 
  4. The client zone loads slowly. It usually takes more than 5 seconds, sometimes 10 seconds, to sign in.
Аксиори Экспо
Axiory представляет на Forex Expo в Дубае

Об Аксиории

Axiory has been on the market since 2011. The company Axiory Global Ltd. is headquartered in Belize, where they are regulated by the IFSC with license number IFSC/60/255/TS/19. Axiory recently opened a representative office in Dubai and seemed to be extending into the Middles East. Until recently, the company was somewhat of a black box until they hired a Forex and CFD industry veteran to take the CEO position. The company seems to be more active in promoting itself in a physical sense, such as by attending Expos like the Forex Expo in Dubai. Let’s explore Axiory forex broker in more detail.

Год создания 2011
Год начала предложения cTrader 2016
Регулирование Белиз (IFSC)
количество работников 80+
Активное спонсорство ЮНИСЕФ
Банковские партнеры Sparkasse Bank

Аксиория в новостях:

Безопасность средств

Сертификат финансовой комиссии Axiory
Справка финансовой комиссии

It’s not always clear to see or understand what measures a broker has taken to secure your deposits. Yes, they may say they are regulated, but what does that really mean, and what do the regulations require them to do? Axiory takes three clear and distinct steps to either protect clients assets or reassure them that they are protected. Here is how Axiory Global prove the safety of funds:

  1. All clients funds are segregated from the companies own operating accounts. While this is a requirement of law, people can break the law intentionally or by accident. Axiory have gone a step further to assure their clients. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), at the request of Axiory, audited their segregated accounts and found no issues.
  2. The IFSC regulates Axiory in Belize. This regulator requires brokers to block the amount of $500,000. This capital can be taken by the regulator in fines and compensation for any wrongdoing. 
  3. Axiory have voluntarily registered to become a member of the Financial Commission. The Financial Commission is an independent third-party resolution board. Traders can submit complaints, and the board investigates them. If any wrongdoing is discovered, the broker will be required to resolve the situation, usually through compensation; the commissions themselves decide this. If a broker doesn’t agree to carry out the judgement from the commission, it will be paid to the investor from the Financial Commissions Compensation Fund up to the amount of $20,000.

Условия торговли Axiory

Axiory Global is a Non-Dealing Desk forex broker. This means that all orders submitted are sent to the external liquidity sources as chosen by Axiory. The company offers a wide range of trading instruments, including a few of the most popular cryptocurrency pairs, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin against USD. Axiory is one of the few brokers offering dividends on their Indices CFD offering. This could be a great element to incorporate into your trading strategy. 

Платформы Axiory cTrader, MetaTrader 4
Максимальное кредитное плечо 1:500
Классы активов Форекс, Металлы, Энергия, Крипты, Индексы
Общее количество торговых пар 81
Торговые комиссии $10 за 1 лот (ECN)
Минимальный депозит $100
Спреды От 0,2 (ECN)
Уровень стоп-аута 50%


Типы счетов Axiory

Axiory offers three accounts types to individual investors trading on both Aciory cTrader or MetaTrader 4. The three trading accounts available are an STP account known as the Standard Account, an ECN account known as the Standard Account and a Max account, a specific account type that offers leverage up to 1:500. All account types have a Non-Dealing Desk policy, and orders for all account types are executed externally. 

Баннер Axiory ForexSTP vs ECN Account

The main difference is that the ECN accounts will typically route orders to an external venue, which is an exchange that connects several participants trading forex and CFDs. These venues have very tight spreads, and that benefit is passed onto you. However, a commission is charged by the venue and your broker. Your orders will be sent to one of Axiory Globals many Liquidity Providers with the STP account type, who themselves are essentially just bigger brokers. In this case, your prices are marked-up on by the Liquidity Provider and the broker. This is to cover the cost and generate profit. Learn more about Axiory account types.

Доступность сервисов Axiory

Axiory Global Ltd. is regulated in Belize. The broker can offer their forex and CFD trading services to traders across the world from this jurisdiction, except for the USA and the EU. Being regulated in Belize is one of the best features of Axiory, particularly for traders in Asia, Africa or South and Central America. Belize is a well regarded financial authority, and institutions regulated there can passport their services to some other jurisdictions. While doing so, they can offer higher leverage on all trading pairs. 

Исключенные страны США, Европейский Союз
Языки веб-сайтов Английский, японский
Варианты депозита Банковский перевод, Visa, Mastercard, Bitpay, Neteller, Skrill, Sticpay
Валюта депозита Any currency but will be converted into USD, EUR or JPY 
Комиссия за снятие денег Свободный
cTrader Копировать Нет

Отмеченная наградами поддержка

Axiory offer some of the best support in the industry. It really feels like you are talking to people, not scripted agents or bots, when engaging with them. If you are a frequent trader, you will know how important this minor detail is. Axiory was awarded “Friendliest Client Support” at an Arabcom group event in 2012. Arabcom Group promotes sustainable socio-economic development in the Arab States. One of the methods of achieving this is promoting financial events and exhibitions. The cTrader platform also received an award from Arabcom in 2013 for Best Trading Technology Provider. 

Аксиорическое образование
Семинар Axiory Forex Trading в Дубае

Клиентская зона myAxiory

All brokers have a client zone or client area for their traders to sign in, manage their trading accounts and make deposits and withdrawals. Some are awesome, some are just good, and some just don’t make any sense. Axiory has adopted a no thrills approach, which usually works well, considering how easy it is to get it wrong and confuse users. Here is what the MyAxiory interface looks like.

Клиентская зона myAxiory

Наш вывод

While many brokers are throwing a ton of cash at football teams and other sporting events, Axiory Global focuses on its own corporate social responsibility. This doesn’t raise a lot of awareness for the brand, but it does help some people who are truly in need (much more than football clubs). That’s great, but as a trader, you want to know, is your money safe, will your trades get executed properly and will the customer support team help you out in your time of need? 

Unfortunately, we have not been able to make any live trades due to excluding services to European Citizens. However, we can conclude that this broker puts the effort in where it’s needed. The trading platforms are reliable, supporting you whenever and wherever you want to trade. A well-trained customer support team ensures your questions are answered or escalated appropriately. It only takes a minute or less to open a demo account. Before taking any risks, why not сначала попробуйте демо

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