Press Release: cTrader Copy is Live

Press Release: cTrader Copy is Live

This post is an iteration of the cTrader Copy Press Release issued by Spotware on the 2nd of October 2018.

Spotware has finally released a new copy trading service called cTrader Copy. This platform replaces cMirror. cTrader Copy is designed as a flexible investment platform and is a natively integrated feature of the web-based version of their flagship cTrader platform. cTrader Copy has taken the best of its predecessor while improving the copying model and incorporating a number of new features and tools. cTrader Copy delivers increased transparency and automation to simplify the trading process. It enables Investors to be more in control of their funds and make wiser decisions.

NOTE: As cTrader Copy renders cMirror obsolete, the creation of new strategies is no longer possible. It is also not possible to start following any strategies. To put it simply, only traders who were engaged in providing or following a strategy before the release of cTrader Copy are able to use cMirror and they are not able to make any changes. This is in order for users to drop off and move over to cTrader Copy.

Equity to Equity Ratio

The platform now recalculates and adjusts the copied volume according to the Strategy Provider’s and Investor’s Equity. The calculation takes into account any allocated balance changes due to the deposits and withdrawals of both parties. Every followed strategy is now placed in Separate Copy Trading Accounts, which also allows Investors to apply an Equity Stop Loss for each strategy and increase or decrease the funds allocated to a particular strategy. The fees are also now calculated for each copy trading account independently.

New Fee Types

cTrader Copy introduces flexible fee structures and the minimum investment amount setting to fulfil the needs and trading goals of any kind of Strategy Provider. In addition to the existing Volume Based Commissions, it now offers Performance Fees. This allows a Strategy Provider to take a percentage of the Investors’ profit using a High Water Mark. Also added is Management fees, which represent an annual percentage of an Investors’ Equity. And the Minimum Investment Amount allows Strategy Providers to have a meaningful return by setting an entry level for the Investors who wish to follow their strategy.

cTrader Copy Advanced Analytics
cTrader Copy: Advanced Analytics


All of the trading strategy data is presented in the redesigned dashboard with extended Advanced Analytics for each Strategy Profile. This provides Investors with rich insights into the performance and behaviour of each strategy. The charts now incorporate the History of Followers, which represents the growth of Investors over time. There is also a possibility to bookmark Favorite Strategies. In addition, the Strategy Profile can now be shared with an embeddable code to external resources allowing Strategy Providers to showcase their strategy in real time outside of the cTrader platform to attract new Investors.

Our goal was to develop a product that is much more simple and automated, yet provides effective technology for trading and visible analytics. We also worked on the copying model which is now based on the equity to equity ratio, and a new fees structure to make it more favourable to both Strategy Providers and Investors. We believe the flexibility of the solution and its revamped model will have a great success among any type of traders.

Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management at Spotware

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