OctaFX Celebrates It’s 8th Aniversary

Forex Broker OctaFX Celebrates 8 Years

The well known Forex broker OctaFX has reached its 8th anniversary. In order to celebrate the achievement, the company has launched a Magic 8-Ball campaign for its clients. All clients of OctaFX are able to visit the web page where they can shake (actually click) the Magic 8-Ball to ask a question. Once you click the ball, you get an offer. If you don’t like what you get, don’t worry because you can always shake it again, and again. 

What the OctaFX Magic 8 Ball Offers

Even though OctaFX isn’t shy when it comes to promotions, contents and bonuses, they have taken things to another level to help celebrate this milestone. The OctaFX Magic 8-Ball offers existing clients with access to two promotion. Here is a rundown of what the OctaFX Magic 8-Ball offers. If you aren’t already registered with OctaFX, you can sign up here. 

Get 1:888 Leverage

The ball can offer you a leverage boost, all the way up to 1:888. Normally OctaFX offers maximum leverage of 1:500 on cTrader and MetaTrader 4. They offer lower than that on MetaTrader 5. If you accept this offer, the leverage is available on your account for a 28 day period. Trading with more leverage than you need or are used to us dangerous and don’t just accept the offer, because it’s an offer, think carefully, will the actually help you. If not, you can ask the ball again. 

OctaFX Offer100% Bonus

Normally OctaFX offers a 50% deposit bonus on every deposit. However, by shaking the Magic 8-Ball you can get 100% bonus on your next deposit. Once you accept this gift from the Magic 8-Ball, you have 8 days to make a deposit. Of course, terms and conditions apply, this isn’t free money. Make sure you understand the terms of this bonus. 

How to Get Started with OctaFX

Unfortunately, if you end up heading to the company Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd, a related company that is regulated by CySEC in Europe, you will not be able to access any of the great promotions available from OctaFX. Make sure you head to octafx.com (and not dot-eu) and click the text next to the logo stating “8 years at your service”, or just follow this link.

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