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We’ve Reached 100 cTrader Articles

Since launching this website on the 23rd of September 2018, we’re celebrating our 100th article. One hundred posts may not seem a lot in comparison to some other forex trading websites. Our focus isn’t quantity, it’s quality. This website…

Another cTrader Update

Spotware has pumped out another cTrader Update for their mobile applications on iOS and Android. The current velocity of updates is staggering. In this cTrader Update, a new feature called Spark Charts has been added. As always, Spotware…

cTrader Desktop Gets a New Look

Spotware Systems, the Cyprus based trading platform development company behind the award-winning cTrader platform, has made an announcement that their Public Beta version of cTrader Desktop has been updated to version 3.5. The new release…

New cTrader Help Site

Spotware, the well-known masterminds behind cTrader and cXchange has announced the release of two online resources. These are the new cTrader Help Centre and the Spotware Marketing Portal. These portals have been updated and relaunched.