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New cTrader Copy Features

cTrader Copy is the Copy Trading functionality of the platform. It is tightly associated with the web trading platform and at present, cTrader Web is the only way to access copy trading features from cTrader.

New cTrader Pencil Tool

Spotware has just announced the release of version 3.4 of its flagship cTrader Web platform. The new version is still at the Beta testing phase which generally lasts a month or so before the general update to live brokers. However, these…

cTrader Website Gets a Makeover

The cTrader community forum, which for many years was known as the cTrader Developer Network or cTDN for short has just relaunched with a fresh, clean and modern look. While this update to the website is purely cosmetic, Spotware has been…

cTrader Telegram Group Launched

At the beginning of November, Spotware introduced the official cTrader Telegram group. This group is an extension to the cTrader online forum and allows traders to engage with Spotware official representatives and over 100 traders in a…

cTrader Mobile Trading Gets Better

The cTrader mobile trading app from Spotware Systems has been getting a lot of attention from the developers over the past year or so. We’ve seen more updates for the mobile version than all desktop and web combined. Mobile trading seems to…

New Axiory Account Types

Axiory is a Belize based forex broker and one of our front runners as an alternative forex broker for traders looking to escape the controversial European leverage restrictions and the even harsher impending Australian leverage cut.