Meet Scand.ex – An Information Portal Every Trader Should Know

Introduction to Scand.ex

Scand.ex is an online trading blog powered by Scandinavian Capital Markets. The site launched in April 2020. This portal focuses on publishing market commentary, news updates and great articles that will interest any trader. The portal has many inspiring contributors which include Dan Blystone and Jamie Saettele both of whom are journaling topics that are deeply interesting to them and offer their own unique flare. The Scand.ex blog regularly features several guest bloggers; even our editorial team contributes there. 

Besides a regularly updated feed of ideas and information, the Scand.ex website comes loaded with other highlights to engage with the markets and your fellow trader. The portal boasts a must-have economic calendar integrated, as well as Tradingview charts and widgets embedded on the website.

There are also several other tools on their way for the future. You can also register to the live chat room, which can be accessed just by registering as a guest or authenticating with your Facebook or Twitter account. There is no need to create any additional account if you don’t want to. Having launched recently, the number of members in the chatroom is somewhat limited, which means you have an excellent opportunity to discuss articles directly with the authors who are all active in the Scand.ex chat room.

If you don’t want to keep checking the Scandex website for the latest updates, you can follow the team on Twitter to get notified about the latest posts. If you prefer a more interactive experience when consuming your trading analysis, Jamie Saettele regularly publishes his technical reports on the Scand.ex YouTube channel. 

Scand.ex is available to everyone; no trading account with Scandinavian Capital Markets is necessary. But if you did want to open one – this is where you should click!

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