Recensione cTrader di Pepperstone

Introduzione alla recensione cTrader di Pepperstone

Pepperstone is an international Forex and CFD broker. The company has been providing online trading services to retail investors since 2010. By 2012, in a remarkably short space of time, Pepperstone became one of the largest online brokers that offered the Metatrader 4 platform. Today, Pepperstone cTrader and MetaTrader platforms are used all around the world by many thousands of traders. 

Nel 2013 Pepperstone cTrader è stato aggiunto alla gamma di piattaforme di trading delle società. Questa introduzione è avvenuta insieme al loro concorrente locale Mercati IC. At the time, it was quite a bold statement and innovative step forward for a broker to add an alternative trading platform. 

Australia was and still is a hub for forex brokers, where competition is fierce. Despite the tough local competition in Sydney and Melbourne, Pepperstone succeeded in becoming one of the world’s largest Forex brokers with a strong reputation and brand known by traders worldwide. In this review of Pepperstone, we will explore several factors related to their service offering. The Pepperstone review will naturally have a focus on the Pepperstone cTrader platform. 

I pro ei contro di Pepperstone

Per iniziare con la recensione di Pepperstone, abbiamo selezionato alcuni pro e contro. Pepperstone è sicuramente uno dei migliori broker forex che abbiamo incontrato. Questo è il motivo per cui guadagnano un primo posto sul nostro sito web. Esploreremo i pro ei contro del trading con Pepperstone cTrader dal nostro punto di vista. 

I vantaggi di Pepperstone

Pepperstone si distingue davvero nel settore per avere una reputazione senza macchia. Si sono allontanati da pratiche commerciali rischiose e hanno sempre fatto bene dai loro clienti. 

  1. Regulation is taken seriously. Pepperstone is authorised by several regulators, including the FCA, BaFin and ASIC regulated. There have never been any scandals that tarnished the Pepperstone brand. 
  2. Standard elevati. Pepperstone si concentra esclusivamente sull'offerta di un servizio clienti di alta qualità e ai commercianti al dettaglio. 
  3. Zona clienti facile da usare. Pepperstone ha una delle zone clienti più semplici di tutti i broker cTrader che abbiamo recensito. 
  4. Trading di futures su cTrader. I broker di solito concentrano la loro offerta su MT4, il che significa che le novità come i Futures sulle materie prime vengono escluse dalla loro offerta cTrader. Pepperstone non lo fa.

Gli svantaggi di Pepperstone

Even though the company is reliable, it doesn’t mean they are the perfect choice for everyone. Quality often comes at a cost, and that is what we attribute most of the negatives of Pepperstone to. 

  1. Il trading non è economico. Pepperstone addebita circa $37,5 per milione, mentre i concorrenti Mercati Tradeview carica $25 per milione. 
  2. Complicated differences between the various regulated entities. There is a tradeoff that traders have to make when choosing which entity to sign up with. UK clients get more protection but lower leverage.

A proposito di Pepperstone

Lanciata per la prima volta nel 2010, la società ha ricevuto la sua prima licenza da ASIC in Australia nel 2013. Nel 2017 la società si è espansa aprendo un quartier generale europeo a Londra e ha ricevuto una licenza dalla FCA. Pepperstone è essenzialmente divisa in due società. L'entità britannica Pepperstone Limited è regolamentata dalla FCA ed è quindi tenuta a seguire le famigerate regole di protezione dei clienti introdotte dall'ESMA e applicate in tutta l'UE tramite poteri di intervento sui prodotti. 

Pepperstone Group Limited is an Australian entity that is regulated by ASIC. Australia has plans to introduce similar measures as ESMA, but at this point in time, they have not yet been enforced. 

Anno stabilito2010
Offerta di inizio anno cTrader2013
RegolamentoAustralia (ASIC), United Kingdom (FCA), Cyprus (CySEC), Germany (BaFin), Bahamas (SCB), Dubai (DFSA), Kenya (CMA)
numero di dipendenti120+

Condizioni di trading di Pepperstone

The trading conditions with Pepperstone vary according to which entity you open your trading account with. Pepperstone offers two account types on all platforms in both jurisdictions. The Razor account is their ECN account with low spreads and charges a $35 per mil commission. The Standard account doesn’t charge a commission, but it has a wider spread. 

While the fees, trading platforms and account types are very similar, many other crucial factors are worlds apart. If you trade with Pepperstone in the UK, the maximum leverage you can access is 1:30, unless you classify as a professional trader. If your account is with Pepperstone in Australia, you can still choose from leverage options up to 1:500. However, you do not get access to an investor compensation scheme or negative balance protection. 

Condizione commercialePepperstone AustraliaPepperstone UK
Leva massima1:5001:30
Classi di assetForex, indici, petrolio, metalli, criptovalute, futuresForex, indici, petrolio, metalli, criptovalute, futures
Numero totale di coppie di trading150+150+
Commissioni di trading$35 per $1 milione scambiato$35 per $1 milione scambiato
Deposito minimo$200£200
Spread medio (EURUD)0,13 (rasoio)0,13 (rasoio)

Accessibilità a cTrader di Pepperstone

As mentioned a few times already in this article, Pepperstone operates as two separate entities, each having its own unique differences. In terms of accessibility, the main thing to note is that the UK entity has very few payment methods; it seems that e-wallets are totally unavailable as a deposit and withdrawal method. Luckily Pepperstone cTrader is offered by both entities, and the trading conditions have very little difference. 

Pepperstone AustraliaPepperstone UK
Paesi esclusiUSA, Europa, Regno UnitoUSA, Belgio
Metodi di depositoVisa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, BPay, Qiwi, UnionPay, Poli e bonifico bancarioBonifico bancario, Visa e Mastercard
Valute di deposito e contoAUD, USD, JPY, GBP, EUR, CAD, CHF, NZD, SGD e HKDGBP, USD, EUR e CHF
Commissioni di prelievoNoNo
Social Trading (copia cTrader): No

Trading di futures su cTrader di Pepperstone

One of the unique aspects of Pepperstone is that they offer a variety of Futures on cTrader. The Pepperstone offers soft commodity futures on cTrader and MT4. There are 6 CFDs available, cotton, sugar, coffee, cocoa and orange juice. This is a very cool differentiator. 

Programma trader attivo di Pepperstone

For professional clients only, you can join the Active Trader Program. You should note that what is considered a professional-client is different between the UK and Australian entities. This program lets you earn rebates for meeting certain trading criteria. But the bar for getting those benefits is set quite high. Before you can start enjoying the active trader program, first of all, you need to qualify, which requires you to meet a three-month volume criteria, then you can start getting rebates for any trades once your volume for a specif month has exceeded 100 Lots. I.e. you do not get paid for the first 100 Lots. Pepperstone rebates are set at 15% per Lot. 

Dati storici dei tick

Pepperstone makes its historical tick data freely available on its website. This data ranges from 2009 until 2016, available in monthly periods for 15 forex trading pairs. This is particularly useful for any algo traders who want to use Pepperstone’s historical tick data in their backtesting to optimize their trading strategies or for traders who want to analyze their historical data in another way, for example, building charts or comparing against other brokers. 

Webinar Forex settimanali

Pepperstone is extremely active when it comes to forex webinars. Their weekly market outlook webinar happens (you guessed it) every week, on a Thursday. On top of that, they insert regular webinars into their schedule to cover specific topics to help educate their clients. 

Conclusione della recensione di Pepperstone

Pepperstone is a great broker to trade with. Regardless of where in the world you are, you will have peace of mind knowing that your trading conditions are reasonable and your orders will be executed fairly. If and when you need it, you can count on the support provided by Pepperstone. Because of regulatory obstacles and depending on where you live, Pepperstone might not provide the trading conditions you desire. This handicap can’t be held against Pepperstone, but it might lead you to consider alternatives. Pepperstone has a good reputation for following the rules. We conclude this Pepperstone review by saying this is a 5-star broker, and you will struggle to find better.

Pepperstone Risk Warning: CFDs and FX are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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