Vista dell'esperto: Alexander Geralis Business Development presso Spotware

Intervista ad Alexander Geralis

Una delle più recenti aggiunte senior al team di Spotware è Alexander Geralis. È stato nominato Chief Product Officer (CPO) della società per il loro nuovo prodotto chiamato cXchange. As far as we can tell, cXchange is a spin-off from the acclaimed cTrader platform. Alexander joined Spotware in October 2018 and has been fast to act, having already started shaking things up in the crypto world on behalf of the company with a few public appearances under his belt. Alexander was previously a contributor for CoinTelegraph and trader himself, so we are excited to hear from him.

Background professionale di Alexander

Alexander, raccontaci qualcosa in più sulla tua esperienza prima di entrare in Spotware. Abbiamo sentito che eri un trader professionista?

Yes, that’s right. My immediate background is trading marine fuels, which is a physically deliverable product. It’s interesting because the arbitrage aspect is similar to the exchange’s, as it offers you a physically deliverable digital asset.

Further back, I worked in the Oil and Gas research industry for one of the most respected journals available, MEES. At that time, I had a natural interest in the markets and what the physical traders would call ‘paper’ trading. Starting my own account with oil and then forex was a good experience for me. But, of course, a fast-moving market that was crypto over the last 2 years took over my interest. There was a lot more volatility in cryptocurrencies than in traditional markets back then. And I love seeing the market’s movement and trading during it.

Informazioni su cXchange - Uno scambio di criptovaluta

Quali sono alcune delle caratteristiche chiave per i trader che cXchange ha ereditato da cTrader?

We have a long history of building trading platforms for some of the largest retail brokers. So when we saw the immaturity of the crypto exchange space, it was only natural for us to bring in a premium product using our experience in other markets. I want to think of 2019 as a year of the Exchange 2.0 establishment, and we worked hard to have already implemented in cXchange what we believe should become a new higher standard. This means lightning-fast execution, minimum downtime, an attractive trading platform where you can trade, as well as a range of powerful tools and features, including quality multi charts and an array of indicators adjustable to your trading style.

E ora, per il nostro pubblico cTrader, quali sono le principali differenze tra cTrader e cXchange?

Good question. cTrader is specifically designed for the FX and CFD market where you are not trading the actual asset but, instead, getting a profit or loss deriving from the price difference. With Xchange, though, you are trading the actual digital asset that you can withdraw and own. This also means that the exchanges’ security has to be taken very seriously. A Fort Knox type of measure should be implemented, as exchanges operate with large amounts of capital.

With cXchange, our clients can also digitize other assets, such as security tokens, diamonds or real estate, to name a few. So exchanges can list any digital asset they want and offer a transparent market to get the liquidity. Companies that will take advantage of this can become true pioneers and the next industry movers.

La maggior parte degli scambi di criptovaluta ha la propria piattaforma. Ci sono vantaggi specifici per diversi scambi nell'offrire la stessa piattaforma?


This is true, but while there are some good exchanges out there, they have a long way to go. It’s not acceptable to have slow execution, bad charts or disabling the login functionality during market volatility—cXchange addresses all these issues. Clients have the possibility to get a high-quality platform branded and customized to their specific needs. They get the best exchange solution that is ready to go, without a need to have an army of developers or servers to focus more on building their brand and community of traders. And we just make sure it works at its peak performance and keep improving it.

Qual è la tua visione per cXchange? Su quali aree prevedi di concentrarti per aumentare l'adozione?

Our vision for cXchange is to be the best out of the box solution for someone who wants to launch their own exchange business. This means a premium product closer to the FX/CFD trading environment, which is far ahead of what we have in crypto right now. And we plan to keep developing the platform itself and run regular updates and stress tests as a standard practice.

In terms of cXchange adoption, we invest a lot of time with our clients in training them to operate their exchanges as efficiently as possible. We want exchange operators to know they can offer their users the best trading environment using cXchange as their solution.

Come stai aumentando la consapevolezza per il prodotto? In che modo la comunità crypto ha ricevuto la nuova soluzione di scambio?

As we are a business to business product, we are not really aggressive with advertising and creating hype. Instead, we prefer to educate the audience about where exchanges are and where they need to be, covering various topics like the upcoming Intercontinental Exchange product, regulation and exchange trends like the developing STO markets that will come in 2019.

The community has received us really well. They understand we have been around for a long time building truly innovative solutions that benefit traders. We are bringing the much-needed changes to the crypto sphere while helping businesses build their leading exchanges.

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