How to Delete a cTrader Account

Unlink or Delete a cTrader Account

All of your forex trading accounts on the cTrader platform get linked to your cTrader ID. Previously this was not the case, and you could choose if you wanted to link an account or not. You could also choose to delete a cTrader account (live or demo) if you no longer needed it. Now the situation is that all trading accounts must be linked to a cTrader ID and this is done automatically. Moreover, there is no option to remove a cTrader account, delete them or discard them in any way. That’s just how the platform is designed. It’s simply impossible for a cTrader account to be unassigned to a cTrader ID. 

All is not lost. There is still a way to remove a cTrader account from your cTrader ID. However, you cannot do this by yourself. You need the help of your broker to unlink your cTrader account or delete it. Usually, it’s not allowed to delete live accounts, due to brokers regulatory obligations. According to Spotware, if you contact your broker and request them to delete a cTrader demo account, they will be able to do it for you. Just because they technically can do it, doesn’t mean they will, or even know how to do it.

This is very frustrating since it’s common to open many demo accounts with different brokers. These accounts that you will eventually stop using are going to clutter your screens. The bottom line is if you want to delete a cTrader account you need to ask your broker to do it on your behalf. Spotware will not it for you.

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