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Definition of cTrader Marketwatch

The term Marketwatch is used to describe a specific area of cTrader. The cTrader Marketwatch section is located on the far left panel of the platform on both desktop and web. On the iOS and Android cTrader App, it’s a specific screen. This is where your Watchlists, your broker’s popular markets and the symbol finder are located. The section contains the price tickers for different symbols as well as the daily high, low and change. It also contains some other features such as being able to trade, open new charts, open the new order form and change the active symbol and view the Depth of Market.

This is not the only piece of cTrader specific jargon you should know about. Other areas of the platform that we have defined are the सक्रिय प्रतीक पैनल and the Tradewatch section.

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