Guide to cTrader VWAP DoM

Introduction to cTrader VWAP DoM

After having already looked at what Depth of Market is in cTrader and the Price DoM feature for scalping, we are keeping with the theme of DoM trading. In this guide, we look at the cTrader Volume Weighted Average Price DoM. This feature is also a trading interface, but for a different purpose. Unlike the Price DoM which is ideal for placing relatively small, frequent and precise orders the VWAP DoM is helpful for placing larger ones. It allows you to choose your prefered order sizes and shows you the current average price if you chose to submit an order of that size. This is a great tool for calculating the expected prices before you submit the order.

Trading with cTrader VWAP DoM

To see the cTrader VWAP DoM trading interface, navigate to the DoM tab in the Active Symbol Panel, then choose the VWAP DoM option. Here you can see a list of volumes and prices. If you hover over any of the volume tiers, you will see the cell become active and if you click a dropdown selector will become present. Now you can choose one of the preset values or enter a custom amount. Once you do, the corresponding price will be recalculated to show you the average price for the volume you chose. You can set up multiple price levels for viewing the average price and for trading.

cTrader VWAP DoM
cTrader VWAP DoM

For any of the volumes you have applied, you can click on the price to submit a market order. The size of the order is the same what was configured. Don’t forget that these are just quotes. Your orders are not guaranteed to be filled at these prices. There is always a change that by the time the order reaches the liquidity provider the prices have changed. This happens because of latency. The only true way to get the exact price you want is to use limit orders. 

Also, bear in mind that this feature uses QuickTrade settings. If you have QuickTrade disabled then this feature will not work. It’s great to combine this feature with the QuickTrade presets as you can have a Take Profit and Stop Loss applied right away.

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