Definition of Forex Rebate

The concept of a rebate in the world of online trading is not much different from any other use of the term. Forex rebates are offered by some brokers as a promotion. The structure of the promotion can vary, but fundamentally they reach the same ends. Traders get rebated some of the fees they paid to their broker. The way the bonus is structured depends on what the broker is looking to achieve, it could be new clients, retaining existing ones or encouraging them to trade more frequently or bigger ticket sizes. Unfortunately, rebates are not something you will see offered by many regulated brokers these days. This is because most competent authorities have banned almost every kind of incentive.

While cTrader doesn’t have a rebate feature that brokers can use, the platform does allow IBs who use the cTrader Partner Centre to give rebates. cTrader IBs can give a percentage of what they earn from a specific trader back to them. This is a tool which cTrader partners can use. You can find out more about tools available to IBs in our guide to the cTrader Partner Program.

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