Fill or Kill (FOK)

Fill or Kill (FOK) Definition

Fill or Kill (FOK) is a Time in Force that is commonly used when trading financial markets. The Fill or Kill policy requires a broker to completely fill the order or kill it, i.e. cancel it. This Time in Force can be used with both Market Orders and Limit Orders. It’s used to ensure that the entire volume desired by a trader is filled immediately when the Market Order is placed or Limit Order is triggered. If the desired volume is not available, then the order is cancelled and nothing is bought or sold. Partial fills are not acceptable, as they are with Immediate or Cancel policy.

Fill or Kill is similar to All or None, however, an order with the All or None Time in Force will remain pending if the entire requested volume is not available. The order will wait until the whole amount is available.

Currently, it’s not possible to use Fill or Kill or All or None with cTrader. There have been a lot of requests from the cTrader community to support Fill or Kills.

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