Chartshots Definition

Chartshots are a unique feature of cTrader, which the company has even Trademarked. A Chartshot is a tool that allows you to select a chart on your workspace and share it with others. When you take a Chartshot you capture the chart with all the indicators and objects which you have applied. The tool can be found on the objects toolbar inside cTrader. It’s a small camera icon.

There are two ways a cTrader Chartshot can be archived. They can either be saved locally as a PNG file or hosted publicly with a unique link and options to share via different social platforms. These options can be modified from the cTrader Settings in the General tab. The idea of this tool is to make it quick and easy to share your trade ideas with your network.

There are a lot of trading communities and groups out there. This feature makes it easier for cTrader users to be able to share their charting efforts with their communities.

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