Channel Definition

In cTrader, you will see the term Channel used. Usually, you will see it inside a Deal, Order or Position ticket. You will also notice it as a column inside the TradeWatch table where all of your Deals, Orders and Positions are shown. Channel refers to the channel you used to perform this operation. Channels typically are cTrader Desktop, cTrader iOS, cTrader Android, cTrader Web etc. While there are many possibilities, for example, if you are using Open API, then the Channel will be the name of the application used to create the Deal, Order or Position. The Channel identifies the source of an event.

The Channel helpful for troubleshooting and just remembering how you performed the action. It’s even more helpful if you are using a combination of different trading methods from one account. For example, if you are using cTrader Automate for your trading robot and manually trading on your mobile device.

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