FxPro Launch a New Website

FxPro Launch a New Website

FxPro, an online Forex and CFD trading broker with a long history of success has recently announced the launch of their brand new website and brand identity. According to the official announcement, FxPro has invested several months of hard work into building this new site which employs a simplistic approach.

It is a new, refined brand identity that embodies our core values as a business

FxPro has always been positioned as a premium brand in the online trading world. Not forgetting that they were the first to offer the cTrader platform. Everything they have done past and present has always been done so with a touch of class. This website maintains their sophisticated aura, just in a new and easy to use format.

According to the official statement:

FxPro’s new website conveys a clear message of who the company is and what they stand for through an optimized, interactive user interface. The website also boasts an intuitive navigation system that allows traders to find the information they need at a glance.

The new FxPro website does a great job of explaining some things that other brokers usually don’t bother to. For example, one page explains how the broker executes its client’s orders. The page does well to explain why they are not an STP broker and why they are not an ECN broker. FxPro is clear and upfront about the fact they match orders internally. This has all been written in jargon-free, easy to understand language. This page also shares some very important metrics. FxPro discloses their 2017 slippage and requote stats are disclosed.

In the official statement, a quote was provided by Ilya Holeu, FxPro’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“This is not just a new website. It is a new, refined brand identity that embodies our core values as a business. We love what we do, and we want that to speak out.”

If you haven’t seen it already, we recommend checking out the new FxPro website.

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