FAQ: Does cTrader have PAMM Accounts?

FAQ: Does cTrader have PAMM Accounts?

While the short answer to this question is in fact “no, there is no PAMM for cTrader”. The long answer starts with “sort of” or “almost” and this is what will be explained in this answer. The cTrader platform includes a feature called cTrader Copy. While it’s a Copy Trading platform and the name may seem a bit juvenile or unprofessional, the platforms feature set is quite advanced. cTrader Copy shares a lot of similarities with PAMM and this makes it a viable choice for money managers who want to take advantage of the benefits cTrader offers.

Key Differences

The key differences for money managers that cTrader Copy has to PAMM are:

  • Investors are not locked in. They are able to come and go as they please, increase and decrease what is allocated to the strategy.
  • You do not trade with your client’s pooled money, but rather your own.
  • There is no visibility of which investor has allocated what to follow the strategy. You just see the entire pool.

If you were looking for a PAMM for cTrader for the simple reason of wanting to provide your trading strategy to investors, depending on your outlook this might suffice. It could be argued that these differences to PAMM solutions are trivial. One argument would be that these differences make the money manager concept more safe and trustworthy for the investor. Assuring investors should be one of the top priorities of any money manager.

To learn more about cTrader Copy check out our detailed guide on the new platform.

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