cTrader Telegram Group Launched

The Developers Launch cTrader Telegram Chat

At the beginning of November, Spotware introduced the official cTrader Telegram group. This group is an extension to the cTrader online forum and allows traders to engage with Spotware official representatives and over 100 traders in a realtime messaging application. 

Telegram has proven to be very successful in the trading community. While Whats App remains popular for trading and signals groups, Telegram is by far a much more user-friendly application. So far, the activity in the group has been great. New traders are joining every day and Panagiotis, the companies community manager has been quick to share feedback, address concerns and solve issues. The companies founder and other senior members have been rolling up their sleeves and getting involved. 

You can join the cTrader Telegram group by following this link: https://t.me/cTrader_Official 

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