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cTrader FAQ

FAQ: How to use cAlgo and cMirror?

Recently, the suite of cTrader products have undergone a major transition. cAlgo, the former algorithmic trading platform and cMirror the mirror trading platform has evolved and found new homes inside cTrader. cAlgo was merged into cTrader…

FAQ: Does cTrader use too much RAM?

Lots of traders have complained over the years that cTrader uses too much RAM. Why exactly does cTrader use so much RAM? To start with, in our opinion, this is not true and is a bit of a misconception from people who do not know how RAM…

FAQ: Does cTrader have PAMM Accounts?

The cTrader platform includes a feature called cTrader Copy. While it’s a Copy Trading platform and the name may seem a bit juvenile or unprofessional, the platforms feature set is quite advanced. cTrader Copy shares a lot of similarities…

FAQ: Who is Spotware?

FAQ: Who is Spotware and What’s the Relation to cTrader? cTrader is the product name of the trading platform, whereas Spotware is the name of the company who made and develops it.