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TopFX Review

TopFX is an institutional forex Prime Brokerage. The company is primarily a liquidity provider to other forex brokers. As well as providing liquidity to fx brokers, TopFX other professional clients such as hedge funds, investment firms,…

Fintec Global Markets Review

Fintec Global Markets is a forex broker based in Nigeria. The company advertises a variety of different features, such as trading platforms, trading account options, such as leverage and deposit requirements and MAM and PAMM services.


INMARKET FX is a brand name of a company called Integrated Markets LTD which is incorporated in Vanuatu. The companies footer mentions license number 14810. It is not clear what this license number is related to. After searching for this…

Alpfin cTrader Review

Alpfin is an FCA regulated company based in Canary Wharf London. Unlike most of the cTrader brokers that we have reviewed on our site, Alpfin isn’t actually a retail-focused broker. One of the services that Alpfin provides is white labels…

Ruby Star Gold Review

Ruby Star Gold is not your typical cTrader broker that you are likely to trade with. The company is actually a physical gold broker based in Dubai. Ruby Star Gold is part of a group called Egypt Gold.

EL FX Review

EL FX is a forex trading broker which appears to be operated from Ghana. We know the company offers the cTrader platform since there is an active cTrader installation under this brand.

Pips Pro FX Review

Pips Pro FX is a forex broker based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Pips Pro FX does indeed offer the cTrader platform, which is why we are going to review this broker. While the companies website is very light on details, we’ve done our…