Can you Trade Futures on cTrader?

Futures Trading on cTrader

One of the questions we’ve seen many traders ask is whether you can trade Futures on cTrader. The answer is neither yes or no. cTrader is exclusively a Contract for Difference trading platform. The platform does not support any other type of instrument, be it deliverable products which actually get settled physically or digitally, for example, gold, stocks or crypto or other derivatives such as options or futures. That probably makes sense, considering cTrader is not an exchange nor a Futures trading platform. 

That being said, you can, however, trade CFDs of futures contracts on cTrader. Many forex brokers offer Indices such as the DAX, DOW, S&P, FTSE and more. The prices of these CFDs are derived from the futures market which trades throughout all sessions. Moreover, brokers like Pepperstone offer agriculture products such as coffee, cocoa, cotton, orange juice, and sugar. All of these products are traded as CFDs in their cTrader platform. 

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